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Brainstorm For Ideas

Some years ago a hundred New York Telephone Co. employes gathered for an unusual business session. They had been asked by the company to thi...

Speed Up Your Computer

If You clean your RAM then you could be able to keep your pc Speed. That’s why you need remind two(2) things. Then you need use notepad. Go to My Computer then select Tools Options and select Folder Options. After that click View and you can see Read more →

What is the cause of My PC Crashing?

Nothing can put a damper on productivity quite like a computer that crashes on a regular basis. Sometimes, a crash is preceded by the dreaded “blue screen of death” or another warning; other times, a computer simply shuts off without any warning at all. In either case, the end result is a whole lot of frustration, aggravation and lost work. If your computer has been crashing frequently, you’d probably like to put an end to it. Unfortunately, getting to the bottom of things if often easier said than done. The following tips about improving your computer’s performance, though, are excellent places to begin. Cause #1: Corrupted System Registry Files
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Brainstorm For Ideas

brainstormSome years ago a hundred New York Telephone Co. employes gathered for an unusual business session. They had been asked by the company to think up new ways of recruiting employes, so as to end the chronic shortage of telephone operators and other workers. The employes tackled the problem by “brain-storming,” a technique which many firms find useful in hatching ideas_ not only for administrative problems but for new sales methods, new products and new uses for products. In a typical brainstorm session the participants are seated around a table and the problem is stated. Then recourse is had to the “subconscious” of the brainstormers. In an atmosphere of “anything goes,” they throw out whatever ideas come into their heads. The theory is that some good ideas will come into this way, and even outlandish ones may trigger good ideas. A stenographer transcribes the proceedings. Read more →


By William D. Ellis
hunchSEVENTEEN-year-old Lynn Hunt worked part-time as a typist in downtown Cleveland. On day, her office manager noticed of invoices that she rolled into her typewriter. The green slip had an odd-shaped window cut into it. When Lynn was finished, the manager picked up the slip and found an addressed envelope behind it. She smiled “Beautiful! You type addresses on the envelopes at eh same time that you type invoices!” A small thing, perhaps_ but Lynn’s on-the-job inventiveness speeded the entire office’s typing practices and earned her a raise. Read more →

Solve Your Problems the Experts’ Way

By Fredelle Maynard
Solve Your Problems the Experts’ WayWHEN advertising executive Claire Brown was transferred to her firm’s London office, her 14-year-old daughter, Jane, was delighted. After a few weeks in an English school, though, the girl’s enthusiasm turned to misery. Her classmates, she reported, disliked Americans. They mimicked her New York accent. Even the teacher, she felt treated her like an undesirable alien. Read more →

Happy Easter

happy easterChristians all over the world are busy with their holy week, which will end on the day after Easter. This year, the holy festival falls on 5 April. The Friday in Easter week is known as Good Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday,Black Friday or Easter Friday. It is the day when Jesus Christ’s crucifixion took place, leading to his death at Calvary. Sunday is celebrated as the Easter Day as it is on this day that Christ resurrected. Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. Easter is a holy festival, during which special Read more →

How to Make an Intelligent Decision

By Robert L. Heilbroner

finding way is toughMOST OF US have marched up to some crossroad in our lives: whether or not to get married, to change jobs, to choose this or that career-and have experienced the awful feeling of not knowing which route to take. Worse yet, many of us have known what it is lie, after a paralyzing wait, to start down one road with the sinking sensation that we’ve picked the wrong one.What makes us decide things badly, when we “know better”? What is it that sometimes stalls our decision-making machinery entirely? The high-school senior who sits with his pencil wavering between True and False on an examination may be baffled by the difficulty of the question; or he may simply be reduced to a blue funk by the pressure of taking an exam. Read more →

Make Way for the No-Problem Guy

By William D. Ellis
no wayI ASKED the hat-department fellow if he had any hats with broader brims. He pulled himself up to nine-foot-two. “This is the brim worn this year,” he said.
I tried on several, finally found one to fit. “The band is a little sporty for me,” I said. “Could you put a plain brown one on?”He couldn’t that was the way the factory shipped them, he said. Not to offend the factory, I bought the hat. At home my wife took one look; I knew right then I had a loser. Over the weekend I worked up my nerve to return that hat.
But Monday morning there was a new man on duty in the hat department. He walked over. “Help you?” “Yes,” I said, and fired off my speech. Read more →

How to Overcome Mental Blocks

By Morton M.Hunt

1-logical-thinkingHAVE YOU EVER found it impossible to figure out some gadget until someone showed you, then said, “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?” Have you ever found it difficult to make a seemingly ordinary decision? Have you ever forgotten a friend’s name when introducing him at a party?These things do not usually happen by chance. All of us, in the tangle of “electric circuits” inside our heads, have millions of bits of information stored away. But sometimes when we have a problem to solve-even a simple one-short circuits prevent the relevant information from getting out. Psychologists call these short circuits “mental blocks.” Read more →

Just Thinking

By Philip Wylie
Thinking-Too-MuchAN ACQUAINTANCE rounded my house and found me sitting in the garden beside my lily pool. “Taking a break?” he asked. “Just-thinking,” I said. The man laughed. “Oh! Plotting a story.” “No. Thinking.”
Opportunities to just think, alone and undisturbed, are not easy to find. Our homes and offices-if they are in cities-are not suitable for quiet cogitation. Even in the suburbs, our houses often rumble as the clothes drier whirls, churn and hiss as the dishes are washed, and whine while the vacuum cleaner does its work. Outdoors, it’s hard to find a lake that is not as noisy as klaxon factory with outboard motors, or a stretch of steam that’s fit to sit beside for a pensive hour. Read more →

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