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What Athletes Think About

I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED what runs through the minds of athletes under the stress of competition. Does an automobile racer ever want to drive ...

What Athletes Think About

I HAVE ALWAYS WONDEREDthink-like-an-athlete-02-fiar296 what runs through the minds of athletes under the stress of competition. Does an automobile racer ever want to drive his car off the grid onto a country road and escape? Do long-distance runners enjoy a particular sagacity because of the time available to turn the world’s problems ever over in their minds? (a jogger I knew memorized almost all the poems of W. B. Yeats in a year of running around New York’s Central Park Reservoir.) Range of Ritual. What professional athletes actually do think turns out to be astonishingly varied? Sometimes pre-game tension is so great that an athlete is physically sick. Hockey goalie Glenn Hall was ill before many games. Diametrically opposed was the self-satisfying optimism of soccer star Pele. In the New York Cosmos locker room, it was Pele’s ritual to lie on the floor with his feet elevated on a bench, one towel neatly folded under his head, another shielding his eyes. Half in, half out of his cubicle, he would begin a sort of waking dream pleasurable scenes of playing barefoot on Brazilian beaches, playbacks of triumphs of his astonishing career that he planned to emulate. The more important the game. The longer his dream. On the occasion of the first huge crowd the Cosmos spent 25 minutes under his towel and then scored three goals against the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

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How to Increase Your Energy

By William James

7-surefire-ways-to-increase-your-body-energy-levels-but-not-your-weight1EVERYONE knows what it is start a piece of work, either intellectual or muscular, feeling stale. And everybody knows what it is to “warm up” to this job. The process of warming up gets particularly striking in the phenomenon known as “second wind.” Usually we make a practice of stopping an occupation as soon as we meet the first layer of fatigue. We have then walked, played or worked “enough,” so we desist. But if an unusual necessity forces us onward, a surprising thing occurs. The fatigue gets worse up to a certain point, when, gradually or suddenly, it passes away and we are fresher than before! Read more →

Communicate Courage, Not Fear

By Morton Hunt
KEEP YOwww.flickr.comphotosneweyes29847462inset-595628poolUR fears to yourself, but share your courage.” In our day of soul-baring confession books and television dramas in which the most personal problems are nearly solved through self-disclosure, that advice of Robert Louis Stevenson may sound old-fashioned.
But Stevenson had a point. And lately a number of experts who are called upon professionally to observe fear-doctors to observe fear-doctors, psychologists, marriage counselors, social workers-wonder whether we haven’t been talking about our fears too much. Fear grips all of us at some time during our lives; fear illness, of financial disaster, of inadequacy, of death, even of the intangible or inexplicable. Though these experts agree that there are a good many times when it may be necessary to express our disturbing fears to others, they feel that often the course of wisdom is to keep them to ourselves. Read more →

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Spotted Together at Bible Study: All the Details!

It’s tr120800576ue. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been hanging outwith each other again. According to new reports, the on-again and off-again couple praised the lord together at a bible study class in Los Angeles Wednesday night. It all went down at the City Church, shortly before Justin posted that picture of the two of them kissing.
A source told the Daily Mirror, “The pair sat next to each other while partaking in Bible study and seemed very close. They then left together in Bieber’s car.”
“Justin looked really comfortable with Selena as he still thinks their bond is  unbreakable and knows that Selena will always love him,” the source continued.   Justin pretty much confirmed the holy news, taking to Twitter to post, “God is good,” shortly after their study. That was retweeted by his fans 68,000 times.
All of this comes just two months after the Biebs was baptized in a New York bathroom. Since then, he and Selena have both been spotted out with other rumored lovers. Do you think this new hangout and pic means Justin and Selena are back together? Chime in.

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An Educated Guess

By William l. Nichols

When I was a boyyou canI used to think that somewhere out ahead lay a magic moment when one would be grown up and know all the answers. At that point life would be easy: no more doubts, no more uncertainties; in any given situation one would know exactly what to do.

Since then many years have gone by, and the only thing I have really learned is that moment of absolute certainly never comes. Along the way, while looking for the answers I had the pleasure of knowing the late president of Harvard, A. Lawrence Lowell, and some of his salty sayings.

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Secrets of the Soaring Spirit

By Hilton Gregory
It snowy-owlcame in the mail with a collection of bills. Hundreds of copies of it must have gone out to residents of the suburb I live in, announcing that the local historical society wanted volunteer researchers. I let the letter slide into the wastebasket.
Then something made me fetch it out again. Within a week, I was on a study committee. Soon I was writing a paper, delivering a speech meeting new friends. But the most remarkable thing is what the experience did for my outlook and feelings. I found that my spirit soared, borne aloft by the new interest.
<strong>About that time,</strong> I read a sketch of Ralph Waldo Emerson. I learned that as a sickly youth he had been given up by the doctors. He went south to die-“yet still his spirit soared. Read more →

How to Change Your Luck

By Harriet La Barre
LUCK IS 201803147_640largely the result of taking appropriate action. When we’re passive, when we don’t take sufficient charge of our affairs. We’re victims of all kinds of back luck. Take, for example, a woman who complained that the dry cleaner ruined her slacks. “He ruined a suit of mine, too,” she told me, unconsciously revealing that she knew she was taking chances with this particular cleaner. My other friend, who got involved in her neighbor’s problems and wasted the day, revealed her pattern by her comment: “It always happens.” She allowed it to happen. Read more →

How to Be Surprising

By Robert L.Heilbroner
ARE criminalsborn_wide-horizontal-300 more likely to be dark than blond? Can a person’s nationality be guessed from his photograph? Does the fact that a person wears horn-rimmed glasses imply that he is intelligent? The answer to each of these questions is obviously, “No.”
Yet, from the evidence, many of us believe these and other equally absurd generalizations. Aren’t all Latins excitable all Swedes stolid all Irish hot-tempered? Think about any group of people-mothers-in-law, teen-agers, truck drivers bankers-and a standardized picture forms in our heads.

These stereotypes by which we commonly picture professions nationalities races religions, are closely related to the dark world of prejudice-which means prejudgment. We prejudge people before we ever lay eyes on them. Read more →

Accuracy Is a Winner’s Policy

By Evan Hill

THE ELECTRICIAN Holywellwiring my new house worked swiftly and efficiently. But I asked him, “Couldn’t you put those outlets in closer to the floor? Six inches down, perhaps, where they won’t be so conspicuous?” He shook his head. “No,” he said, “it’s the code –the electrical code. They’ve got to be this height.” “State law?” I asked. He nodded. “Town, too.”

Next day I made a few telephone calls. Our state building code did not specify anything about the height of outlets. Our little town did not even have a building code. What the electrician referred to must have been just a local contractor’s custom. What difference did it make, six inches up or down? Not much, perhaps. Still the electrician had been inaccurate about a matter in which he should be expert, and so had undercut my trust in him. If he made an obvious error like that, that I could see what might be hidden behind the walls where I couldn’t check? And what about the accuracy of the bill? Read more →

Put Your Daydreams to Work

By Jerome L. Singer

LET’S PEEK daydreaminginside the minds of the busy Johnson family after breakfast on a balmy April day. Mr. Johnson is on the bus heading for work, but in his thoughts he is sailing a yacht. White-capped waves splash about him, canvas flutters in the wind. “Must come about!” he thinks, and leans on the tiller only to find that the bus has stopped and people are pushing to the exit.

Terry, the Johnsons’ five-year-old, is on his way to school. As he walks he stretches out his arms, makes airplane sounds and zigzags along hedges shouting, “curse you, Red baron!” Mrs. Johnson is clearing up breakfast dishes. Suddenly she is standing on a moo-drenched patio beneath tall coconut palms, her body swaying to the rhythm of a Haitian meringue. A tall, lithe stranger leans close and whispers, “Mademoiselle would care to dance?” then the telephone rings, and it’s the plumber to say he can’t make it to fix the leaky faucet today. Read more →

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