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How to Change Your Luck

By Harriet La Barre LUCK IS largely the result of taking appropriate action. When we’re passive, when we don’t take sufficient charge o...

How to Change Your Luck

By Harriet La Barre
LUCK IS 201803147_640largely the result of taking appropriate action. When we’re passive, when we don’t take sufficient charge of our affairs. We’re victims of all kinds of back luck. Take, for example, a woman who complained that the dry cleaner ruined her slacks. “He ruined a suit of mine, too,” she told me, unconsciously revealing that she knew she was taking chances with this particular cleaner. My other friend, who got involved in her neighbor’s problems and wasted the day, revealed her pattern by her comment: “It always happens.” She allowed it to happen. Read more →

How to Be Surprising

By Robert L.Heilbroner
ARE criminals more likely to be dark than blond? Can a person’s nationality be guessed from his photograph?born_wide-horizontal-300 Does the fact that a person wears horn-rimmed glasses imply that he is intelligent?
The answer to each of these questions is obviously, “No.” Read more →

Accuracy Is a Winner’s Policy

By Evan Hill

THE ELECTRICIAN Holywellwiring my new house worked swiftly and efficiently. But I asked him, “Couldn’t you put those outlets in closer to the floor? Six inches down, perhaps, where they won’t be so conspicuous?” He shook his head. “No,” he said, “it’s the code –the electrical code. They’ve got to be this height.” “State law?” I asked. He nodded. “Town, too.” Read more →

Put Your Daydreams to Work

By Jerome L. Singer

LET’S PEEK daydreaminginside the minds of the busy Johnson family after breakfast on a balmy April day. Mr. Johnson is on the bus heading for work, but in his thoughts he is sailing a yacht. White-capped waves splash about him, canvas flutters in the wind. “Must come about!” he thinks, and leans on the tiller only to find that the bus has stopped and people are pushing to the exit. Read more →

How’s Your Empathy?

By john Kord Lageann
At THE children’s wing of the Grace-New Heaven Hospital, teaching-love-and-empathythe carefully planed play-therapy program ran into a problem. The janitor was raising Cain with the kids when they dropped paint and putty on his clean floors. “I was angry at first,” the play nurse told me. “Then I tried putting myself in the janitor’s place to see why he felt the way he did. Read more →

How to Keep Your Memory Sharp

By J. D. Ratcliff
WORRY about your memory?Frauen-drei-Generationen_GreatImageInGallery Go into a room and forget what you came for, go blank on names mislay things? Something on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t pry it off? Don’t fret. You are perfectly normal. Said psychologist Gordon H. Bower of Stanford University: “It is the nature of the mind to forget-and the nature of man to worry about his forgetfulness.” Read more →

Voyage of Discovery

By Doris Lund
SERENDIPTY.” voyage1The word sounds like a rare herb or a pale-pink flower. In fact, “the gift for making happy, accidental discoveries of valuable things you weren’t looking for.” As Columbus might have reported back to Isabella, “well… uh… we didn’t exactly find India, but there was this other promising piece of land!” Read more →

You Can Cultivate The Mind’s Eye

By Bruce Bliven
WHICH WEIGHS more, The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehenda pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Everybody knows the answer: they both weigh the same. An interesting point, however, is what sort of image popped into your head when you read those words. Read more →

How to Sharpen Your Judgment

By Bertrand Russell
To Avoid the various foolish opinions to which mankind is prone, no superhuman genius is required. A few simple rules will keep you, not from all error, but from silly error. Read more →

How Your Nose Knows

By Ruth and Edward Brecher

My, But this tastes good!” you remark as you take your first sip o piping-hot onion soup, salted, peppered, seasoned with herbs and garnished with cheese.

You’re wrong, of course. writing-sense-of-smellYou mean that the soup smells good. Your sense of taste tells you only whether a substance is sweet, sour, salty or bitter. It is your sense of smell that reveals the true savor of the soup. Try sipping onion soup while holding your nose, or when you have a head cold. The characteristic flavor vanishes. All that is left is a hot, some what salty liquid. By means of taste alone, you can barely distinguish between a food you love and one you detest. Read more →

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