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How to Make an Intelligent Decision

By Robert L. Heilbroner MOST OF US have marched up to some crossroad in our lives: whether or not to get married, to change jobs, to choo...

How to make Rasgulla

rasgulla Recipe

How to Make an Intelligent Decision

By Robert L. Heilbroner

finding way is toughMOST OF US have marched up to some crossroad in our lives: whether or not to get married, to change jobs, to choose this or that career-and have experienced the awful feeling of not knowing which route to take. Worse yet, many of us have known what it is lie, after a paralyzing wait, to start down one road with the sinking sensation that we’ve picked the wrong one.What makes us decide things badly, when we “know better”? What is it that sometimes stalls our decision-making machinery entirely? The high-school senior who sits with his pencil wavering between True and False on an examination may be baffled by the difficulty of the question; or he may simply be reduced to a blue funk by the pressure of taking an exam. Read more →

Make Way for the No-Problem Guy

By William D. Ellis
no wayI ASKED the hat-department fellow if he had any hats with broader brims. He pulled himself up to nine-foot-two. “This is the brim worn this year,” he said.
I tried on several, finally found one to fit. “The band is a little sporty for me,” I said. “Could you put a plain brown one on?”He couldn’t that was the way the factory shipped them, he said. Not to offend the factory, I bought the hat. At home my wife took one look; I knew right then I had a loser. Over the weekend I worked up my nerve to return that hat.
But Monday morning there was a new man on duty in the hat department. He walked over. “Help you?” “Yes,” I said, and fired off my speech. Read more →

How to Overcome Mental Blocks

By Morton M.Hunt

1-logical-thinkingHAVE YOU EVER found it impossible to figure out some gadget until someone showed you, then said, “Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?” Have you ever found it difficult to make a seemingly ordinary decision? Have you ever forgotten a friend’s name when introducing him at a party?These things do not usually happen by chance. All of us, in the tangle of “electric circuits” inside our heads, have millions of bits of information stored away. But sometimes when we have a problem to solve-even a simple one-short circuits prevent the relevant information from getting out. Psychologists call these short circuits “mental blocks.” Read more →

Just Thinking

By Philip Wylie
Thinking-Too-MuchAN ACQUAINTANCE rounded my house and found me sitting in the garden beside my lily pool. “Taking a break?” he asked. “Just-thinking,” I said. The man laughed. “Oh! Plotting a story.” “No. Thinking.”
Opportunities to just think, alone and undisturbed, are not easy to find. Our homes and offices-if they are in cities-are not suitable for quiet cogitation. Even in the suburbs, our houses often rumble as the clothes drier whirls, churn and hiss as the dishes are washed, and whine while the vacuum cleaner does its work. Outdoors, it’s hard to find a lake that is not as noisy as klaxon factory with outboard motors, or a stretch of steam that’s fit to sit beside for a pensive hour. Read more →


The 16th of December, 1971 is a red letter day in our national history. It was on this day we were to snatch our independence muktijodha_smafter a life and death liberation war for long nine months. This victory was a victory of right against wrong. It was a war of self-emancipation. Every year we observe this day in a colorful manner. This day reminds us of the supreme in a colorful manner.

This day reminds us of the supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighters who will ever shine in our hearts like the luminous stars in the sky. But at the same time we must remember the spirit of the liberation war. We wanted a country where justice will prevail over injustice and wrong. Instead, we are now having a night-mares experience of lawlessness, violence and misrule. The lords of the mischief mongers are getting upper hand in the society, whereas the meek and mild become the worst sufferers. Disorder in everything has become the order of the day. Read more →

Bring a sense of spirit to the Humanities

For hundreds of years, from all over the ancient world, kings and commoners traveled to Delphi to ask the Oracle of Apollo about the right course of action – whether to make war or seek peace, whether to marry one person or another. They brought rich offerings to the god and were sent on their way by the priests with riddling answers.

And yet, over the entrance to the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi was the admonition: “Know Thyself!” This ancient wisdom suggested that the true oracle lies within. The answers to the great human questions, public and private, are found not outside us but only through an inner journey of the seeking spirit. The crucial importance of developing self-knowledge can best be understood in the words of another ancient piece of wisdom: The Hebraic Talmud says, “We do not see things the way they are, we see things the way we are.” In other words, we grind the lenses with which we see the world. Read more →

5 Best Home Remedies For White Hair

Do you have Home-Remedies-For-White-Hairwhite hair? It is a great thing to have full crop of hair but if you have grey hair then it is quite embarrassing. White hair which is also known as grey hair is not considered desirable by the society. Read more →

How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

Collected from searchhomeremedy website.

Every individual wishes to have a clear and glowing skin. Pimples, blackheads, skin dryness and soClear-Skin on are some common skin related problems found in teenagers. Common causes of skin related problems include intake of unhealthy diet, pollution, smoking and so on. It is interesting to note that consumption of a healthy diet can help an individual in obtaining a clear and glowing skin. An individual can keep his/her skin clear with the use of different home remedies. Read more →

Make Your Reading Count

By Herbert Morrison

IT WAS about ten o’clock at night on a street corner in the dimly lit Brixton section of London. In the flickering circle of light cast by a gas laeducationmp, a tall sallow man on a soapbox harangued a small cluster of bystanders. “Learn about the most interesting subject in the world-yourself!” he shouted in a leathery voice. “Learn how to be successful! What are you good at? Let phrenology tell you!” In his hand he waved a chart of the human head colorfully divided into sections labeled “history, mathematics, memory” and so on.

A grocer’s errand boy, I had no idea what phrenology was. But if the bumps on my 15-year-old noggin signified any such magnificent-sounding capacities as these, I wanted to know what they were. I stepped up and held out the thin silver sixpence which I could ill afford. The phrenologist rested his fingertips on my head and explored it, bump by bump. “That ridge above your eyes-that’s originality. A fully rounded forehead-memory. Ever see a picture of Macaulay? He had a memory bump big as an egg.” Read more →

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